How long does crystal meth stay in the body?


Crystal meth, also known as glass, ice or shards is a highly addictive man-made drug. It is created synthetically and belongs to the phenylethylamine and amphetamine class. It looks like transparent shards of broken glass, hence the name. It also comes in the form a powder and is very bitter tasting. Methamphetamine is generally administered into the body through injections, snorting or smoking. The drug triggers dopamine release in the brain, thus causing intense euphoria. However, it also causes massive side effects to the central nervous system, even resulting in an irreversible damage to brain cells. Methamphetamine abuse is still prevalent although the drug has been categorized as strictly illegal, as a Schedule ll substance. It is also not used in any of the medical practices. The triggering question, however, is how the chemical stays in the body once ingested.

There can, however, be no specific answer to this question. Meth testing conducted on the users have revealed that the time period for which the drug stays in the body completely depends on the amount of the stimulant that has been ingested and the frequency of use. Depending on these factors, the time taken for methamphetamine to completely leave the body can vary largely.

  • Considering the different stages of addiction, the greater the amount one has consumed, the more likely it is to stay inside the body.
  • The time period for which the drug is going to stay in the body also depends on the frequency of use. Meth testing has revealed that the more frequently one has been administering the drugs, the more will be the body’s tendency to retain the drug.
  • The metabolic rates also determine how long crystal meth is going to stay in the body. The greater the metabolism, the greater will be the speed of detoxification. So if the metabolic rate of the user is slower, the drug can also stay in the body for a relatively longer period of time. Since weight, age and general health of the person go into determining the metabolic rate of the body, they also contribute to how long the drug is going to stay in the body.
  • There is one more thing known as methamphetamine resistance. Just like the body has a certain degree of resistance to other foreign items, they also have some tolerance towards methamphetamine. The consistency of ingestion could also determine the level of tolerance. Meth testing has found that users with frequent intake have higher tolerances than normal.
  • How you administer the drug also determines how long the drug is going to stay in your body. This is because the body takes a different amount of time to process the drug when administered through different processes. Meth testing shows that the drug shows fastest results when injected directly into the bloodstream. In this case, the drug remains in the body for around 72 hours. When taken through smoking, it can take around three to five to clear out of the system.