How to save your electricity bills?


Being a little cautious about your daily electricity consumption can help you go a great length in saving the electricity bills in the long run. By doing so, you will not only be minimizing your cost of living but also promoting a more sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle. Here are some ways in which in which you can save your electricity bills.

  1. Installing CFL bulbs

When a CFL bulb is used straight for 10,000 hours, it uses up electricity worth $10.40 where an incandescent bulb would have used up $48 worth of electricity. Therefore, if you want to minimize your electricity consumption, your light bulbs are one of the first things to replace. CFL bulbs do cost a little more as compared to incandescent bulbs. However, they can save up to 75 % energy and last 10 times more than a regular bulb.

  1. Smart switches

People are increasingly growing fond of the smart switches that turn itself on or off by receiving feedbacks from the sensors attached to them. Switches can be highly convenient if you have kids in your family who may not be well acquainted with operating the switches. Since the lights get switched off all by themselves when no motion is detected, no electricity will be wasted. You can hire the services of electricians north shore to have the same installed in your house. This can help you save up to $100 dollar in a year.

  1. Buy energy efficient appliances

Many manufacturers dealing in electrical goods have energy star rating for their products. The more stars an appliance has, the more energy efficient it is. Statistics show that using energy efficient appliances can lower the money spent on energy each year by about 30 percent. You do not have to replace everything all at once. Just call in the electricians north shore and replace the few heavy and frequently used appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and so on.

  1. Keep servicing your air conditioners

Neglecting the maintenance of frequently-used appliances like refrigerators can greatly increase your energy bills. The dirt that gets accumulated inside these appliances slow down the cooling process, as a result of which more electricity is absorbed, so as to bring down the temperature of the room. You should also make it a habit to frequently lubricate the machinery so that they keep offering a decent output with optimum energy consumption. Electricians north shore can also help you with the maintenance part.

  1. Turn off the electronics when not in use

This is the simplest way to avoid energy wastage and therefore cut down on the cost. Whenever you are leaving the house, make sure that you have switched off all the lights, fans, and other appliances. Also, make it a habit to switch off the fans or ACs when you are not using a particular room and keep the computers and the TVs off if you are done using them. These little things can go a long way in reducing the total energy cost.