Home Drinking Water Filters Vs Water Delivery


Out of the bottled water and home filtered water, it would be very wrong to say that one type of water is better than the other. Both are filtered using high end and advanced purification processes and are deemed to be equally safe for consumption. However, there may be some difference in the purification processes and the taste of water. Bottled water especially has a very distinctive taste which is very much unlike tap water. Water delivery Auckland even adds minerals to their treated water so as to give a fresh, sweet taste. It is not that point of use filters are not up to the mark. They do a great job by absorbing the suspended particles and contaminants. However, most of the times, some chemicals that remain dissolved in the water fail to get removed. This imparts an unpleasant taste to the water which will not be liked by many. Although the point of use filters are much cheaper as compared to bottled water, you may want to compare the two on several grounds before deciding on whether to go for one or the other.

  1. Cleanliness

In terms of cleanliness, water delivery Auckland may have an advantage over the water filters. This is because the mass treatment at the purification facilities allows companies to make massive expenses without suffering any loss. Different companies use different modes of treatment. Some use ultraviolet light treatments and ozonization while others use reverse osmosis as a means of purification. Water delivery Auckland also hires professional geologists to assess the purity of their collection points or springs. Therefore, bottled water is almost 100% free of chemicals and other pollutants. This massive undertaking is not possible when you are using home filters. Even though the cost is divided among the several consumers, home filters can only remove impurities and contaminants but are not very good at eliminating microscopic pollutants.

  1. Convenience

Although water delivery Auckland is not much of an inconvenience, you will be required to place calls and wait till your water is delivered. You will also be required to make correct estimates so that you do not run out of water soon than expected. Even though the least manual effort is required from your side, home filters may supersede water delivery Auckland in terms of convenience. With home filters, you get a virtually endless supply of water at a very cheap price. You will also not have to worry about running out of water when the consumption rate is high.

  1. Price

Home filters are much cheaper as compared to bottled water. Although it is the same water, the cost of treatment, transportation, marketing, distribution, and profit adds up to the latter thus making it much more expensive as compared to filtered water. Although buying in bulk is a little cheaper, it is still way more expensive than filtered water. However, if you are concerned about the health of your family, you may consider this expense to be a health investment as you will have an assurance of quality.

  1. Environment friendliness

Filtered water is much more eco-friendly as compared to bottled water as it does not involve treatment facilities, high energy consumption, plastic containers or transportation. Even though bottled water companies make sure that little damage is done to the environment, filtered water is way more sustainable.