Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Watch Box for Men


You probably saw a watch box filled with watches within. It is a case holder for your most loved watch and accessories.  There are a couple of amazing things about watch box that you might have known. Continue reading to find out some of them.

Most of them are not just a case

Yes, the watch box for men usually is not only for storing watches. They are commonly used as storage for valuables such as credit cards and certificates. Most watch box for men has an interior compartment for storing light but important things. This design makes a watch box double like a safety vault for safekeeping. Some people even keep their important documents in this watch boxes. It actually makes sense! When you wear watches daily, you have no excuse but to reach that watch box and check the document underneath as well.


They are not just plain sturdy; they stand the test of time. Most watch box for men is built exquisitely to serve this specific function. Having to collect watches is a very common habit of the rich and famous. Housing these watches need a sturdy and durable case. This is why watch box for men makers make it to a point that their product does stand out by being hardy. This separates watch box from any other cases. The cases we usually see in the market are made of plastic and light materials. Watch box, on the other hand, is mostly handmade and of top materials. Mostly made of leather and metal, these watch boxes are just literally here to stay. They also encompass most family heirlooms. What better way to carry the family’s most treasured than a sturdy watch box, right? They can be handed down from generation to generation without time wearing them. That’s true durability.

They can be a gem

Most watch boxes are not only a case and hold the family’s most treasured object. Most of them are treasures themselves. Watch boxes from previous the previous centuries are even priced higher than regular jewels. Mostly owners who treasure good valuables would most likely have one of these treasured watch boxes. They are akin to gold when it comes to pricing. These watch boxes are, needless to say, a treasure carrying treasure. These boxes are made out of the most expensive metals and of the most sought after leathers. These qualities made them sought after by buyers and auctioneers all around the world. They are something worth keeping for the future generation to marvel.

I hope you were able to get yourself enlightened about these amazing facts. These are not usually known by people who buy watch box for men. You now have the advantage of finding the best ones out there today. I’ m sure you will not regret your purchase if you ever buy one. These boxes are simply elegant, sturdy and perfect for those who keep the best things for them to enjoy.

How to save your electricity bills?


Being a little cautious about your daily electricity consumption can help you go a great length in saving the electricity bills in the long run. By doing so, you will not only be minimizing your cost of living but also promoting a more sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle. Here are some ways in which in which you can save your electricity bills.

  1. Installing CFL bulbs

When a CFL bulb is used straight for 10,000 hours, it uses up electricity worth $10.40 where an incandescent bulb would have used up $48 worth of electricity. Therefore, if you want to minimize your electricity consumption, your light bulbs are one of the first things to replace. CFL bulbs do cost a little more as compared to incandescent bulbs. However, they can save up to 75 % energy and last 10 times more than a regular bulb.

  1. Smart switches

People are increasingly growing fond of the smart switches that turn itself on or off by receiving feedbacks from the sensors attached to them. Switches can be highly convenient if you have kids in your family who may not be well acquainted with operating the switches. Since the lights get switched off all by themselves when no motion is detected, no electricity will be wasted. You can hire the services of electricians north shore to have the same installed in your house. This can help you save up to $100 dollar in a year.

  1. Buy energy efficient appliances

Many manufacturers dealing in electrical goods have energy star rating for their products. The more stars an appliance has, the more energy efficient it is. Statistics show that using energy efficient appliances can lower the money spent on energy each year by about 30 percent. You do not have to replace everything all at once. Just call in the electricians north shore and replace the few heavy and frequently used appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and so on.

  1. Keep servicing your air conditioners

Neglecting the maintenance of frequently-used appliances like refrigerators can greatly increase your energy bills. The dirt that gets accumulated inside these appliances slow down the cooling process, as a result of which more electricity is absorbed, so as to bring down the temperature of the room. You should also make it a habit to frequently lubricate the machinery so that they keep offering a decent output with optimum energy consumption. Electricians north shore can also help you with the maintenance part.

  1. Turn off the electronics when not in use

This is the simplest way to avoid energy wastage and therefore cut down on the cost. Whenever you are leaving the house, make sure that you have switched off all the lights, fans, and other appliances. Also, make it a habit to switch off the fans or ACs when you are not using a particular room and keep the computers and the TVs off if you are done using them. These little things can go a long way in reducing the total energy cost.



Costs involved in opting for retirement villages


There are a number of financial proceedings before and during one’s stay in a retirement village. In some cases, there can also be additional cost in the form of maintenance payments. It is finally good to have newer legislations for the protection of customers concerning transparency of policies and smooth payments upon exiting. Although retirement villages are supposed to non-profit organizations, some of the contracts do not seem to be fair for the customers. Given below are various financial aspects of living in the retirement villages.

  1. Move in cost

The cost for moving in actually varies considerably depending on the strata title of the retirement village. The operators generally keep the fees so as to encourage the elderlies to move in. the units are given out at a discount of 70% as compared to their original price and the differences are settled upon a resale. This way, retirement villages tend to be much cheaper than a private housing unit bought independently in the same area. The prices are even lower if the customers decide to opt for some of the shared community facilities. With this, the units are sold at 85% of the median price. However, some of the operators charge additional DMF which makes the discount pretty much redundant. Therefore, it is best to consult a legal advisor before making any contracts.

  1. Ongoing costs

After you have moved into one of the retirement villages, you will be required to make regular payments which are also known as maintenance or recurrent fees. The average cost is $10 a day but if there are more facilities, the residents are required to make more payments. To make their offers attractive, some operators may show lower ongoing fees but charge a lot during exit. The additional fees can also be unnecessary and wasteful if the residents are not going to use them at all. Since these villages are run entirely with the money obtained from residents, there have been legislations concerning a clear understanding of the operation process and the transparency of the various financial transactions.

  1. Exit payments

During the time of exit, the residents are entitled to some amount of money. Since some operators have the DMF constituted on the selling price rather than the price at the time of ingoing, it can lead to complexities. Moreover, if the contracts state the unit’s capital cost to be handled entirely by the operators before being handed over to the customers, there could be an even greater deduction in the payments. Sometimes, the residents are also asked to refurbish the place so as to increase its sale value with their own money.

  1. Selling the unit

If the contracts do not provide enough protection of the residents, the entire proceedings of sale are left upon the customer. Since it may not be easy to grab a customer right away, the process could be delayed by a considerable amount of time. On the other hand, operators taking charge of the proceedings can help in making swift payments.

Home Drinking Water Filters Vs Water Delivery


Out of the bottled water and home filtered water, it would be very wrong to say that one type of water is better than the other. Both are filtered using high end and advanced purification processes and are deemed to be equally safe for consumption. However, there may be some difference in the purification processes and the taste of water. Bottled water especially has a very distinctive taste which is very much unlike tap water. Water delivery Auckland even adds minerals to their treated water so as to give a fresh, sweet taste. It is not that point of use filters are not up to the mark. They do a great job by absorbing the suspended particles and contaminants. However, most of the times, some chemicals that remain dissolved in the water fail to get removed. This imparts an unpleasant taste to the water which will not be liked by many. Although the point of use filters are much cheaper as compared to bottled water, you may want to compare the two on several grounds before deciding on whether to go for one or the other.

  1. Cleanliness

In terms of cleanliness, water delivery Auckland may have an advantage over the water filters. This is because the mass treatment at the purification facilities allows companies to make massive expenses without suffering any loss. Different companies use different modes of treatment. Some use ultraviolet light treatments and ozonization while others use reverse osmosis as a means of purification. Water delivery Auckland also hires professional geologists to assess the purity of their collection points or springs. Therefore, bottled water is almost 100% free of chemicals and other pollutants. This massive undertaking is not possible when you are using home filters. Even though the cost is divided among the several consumers, home filters can only remove impurities and contaminants but are not very good at eliminating microscopic pollutants.

  1. Convenience

Although water delivery Auckland is not much of an inconvenience, you will be required to place calls and wait till your water is delivered. You will also be required to make correct estimates so that you do not run out of water soon than expected. Even though the least manual effort is required from your side, home filters may supersede water delivery Auckland in terms of convenience. With home filters, you get a virtually endless supply of water at a very cheap price. You will also not have to worry about running out of water when the consumption rate is high.

  1. Price

Home filters are much cheaper as compared to bottled water. Although it is the same water, the cost of treatment, transportation, marketing, distribution, and profit adds up to the latter thus making it much more expensive as compared to filtered water. Although buying in bulk is a little cheaper, it is still way more expensive than filtered water. However, if you are concerned about the health of your family, you may consider this expense to be a health investment as you will have an assurance of quality.

  1. Environment friendliness

Filtered water is much more eco-friendly as compared to bottled water as it does not involve treatment facilities, high energy consumption, plastic containers or transportation. Even though bottled water companies make sure that little damage is done to the environment, filtered water is way more sustainable.

Live in style in a vintage trailer


If you have a soul that prefers to be on the road and travel for days on, then a trailer home is exactly what you need. And if that trailer is a vintage one, then there’s nothing like it. You will not only be able to live as you want to but also travel safely wherever you want, carrying your home with you. Buying a vintage style trailer for sale isn’t a big deal if you are really sure of what you exactly want. It will take you just a few days to have the trailer for your journey to the distant places.

Finding a vintage trailer

Believe it or not, buying a vintage trailer for sale is as easy as buying any other trailer. You will find dedicated manufacturers, sellers, and retailers who deal in vintage trailers. You can check out their website for various models being offered, the price range, features, etc. and then easily decide what on what the best is for you.

Decide what you want to spend

If the trailer would be your second home, you may prefer to keep your budget on the lower side unless you just cannot live without luxuries like fridge, sofas, showers, etc. If you are willing to buy a trailer for sale to satisfy the needs of your wandering soul, you may find no need of these luxuries and thus, save a lot while buying a vintage trailer. Try to restrict your choice of features to the basic amenities and your trailer would come at a really cheap price.

Furnish it well

Comfortable living doesn’t necessarily mean spending on luxury items. A cozy bed along with a small sofa, ambient light, a small music system, eat out chairs, etc. can also give you a lot of pleasure while you are on your trip. So, instead of spending unnecessarily on luxury items, furnish your trailer with things or items that would enhance your traveling experience.

Hitch it safely

To ensure that your journey is safe and secure, carefully check the hitch that you use. Make sure that the hitch fits the trailer as well as the trailing vehicle perfectly to avoid accidents and other injuries. You may or not call in experts to get the trailer for sale hitched, but do make sure that the hitching is done perfectly.

Decorate thriftily

If the main purpose of buying the trailer for sale is to travel safely at a less cost, then spending several hundred dollars on decorating it is a total waste of money. Decorate it as much to call it a home and you are done with it.

Go solar

If you are planning to hit the road for several days, it would be prudent that you fit the trailer with solar panels that can supply you with the energy that you would regularly need. Though the initial investment would be somewhat high, yet you will totally be in profit. However, to ensure that you are ready for all weathers, make sure that you stack your trailer with batteries and propane gas along with solar panels.


Why Professional Makeup is Brushes special?


If you visit a professional makeup studio, you will see that there are plenty of brushes in there and each and every brush is for the different use. Also, if you ask any expert about the brushes, they will also want to know if you have the proper makeup to use those brushes. So, you need to know how these professional Makeup brushes set is different from the normal and whether you need them at all.

There are several points that actually make the professional brushes different from the general ones:

Bristles: the bristles are made of natural fibres and they are of the highest quality. These are much softer and feel a lot easier on your skin. Also because of the high-quality fibre, the brushes last longer and the shape stays like the new one for long. Although normal brushes are made of synthetic fibre, but the professionals will always love to use the natural fibres as it will allow them to use proper makeup in the proper amount and also the performance, feel and look will be different and better than any normal brushes.


This is the most important part of the Makeup brushes set. This thing actually connects the handle with the bristle. The professional brushes have this ferrule made of aluminium or nickel. Being made of these materials, cleaning the brush is very easy and also it can keep the bristles in good form and in the way it should be. It will hold the bristle tightly to the handle even when you are washing the brushes. It will protect the bristles with care.

Handles: Technically, the handles do not play any kind of role in the quality of the brushes that you use. There are different types of handles available in the market and you can choose any of them. You can buy a wooden handle or a plastic handle but the quality of the brush won’t have any effect. If you ask the experts, you will see that the choosing handles are a personal satisfaction, rather than the quality of the brush. As long as you think you are comfortable with the handle, you can buy any kind of handle you want.

Do you need the professional Makeup brushes set?

Now that you know, why professional brushes are different from the normal ones, you need to decide whether you need a professional brush set or not. You see the price range for the professional Makeup brushes set is very much higher than the normal ones. Just to make sure that the brush lasts long or the colour blends well on your face, you might not need a professional set up. If you can take basic care of your brushes, they will last longer and also if you take time and follow proper instructions, your makeup might look the best even without the professional brushes. So, it is completely up to you to decide on that but still, if you think buying a professional makeup brush set will make you look better than ever, then you can surely go for it and enjoy the benefits of having the professional makeup brushes

Different types of SEO services to choose from


If you are a website or blog owner, you must be pretty well aware of the fact that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the commonest and most effective techniques that offer excellent results to businesses and individuals alike. With the passing years, numerous SEO services have been developed and devised, each looking to help web owners in some way or the other.

With a plethora of SEO services Auckland on offer, it may often be problematic for newbies to understand what they need. That is why it is important to understand the various services offered by the SEO experts and choose wisely.

SEO Auditing    

One of the basic services that SEO experts offer is SEO auditing. This service generally involves the analysis of a website based on several SEO parameters and determines how friendly a website is for the purpose of SEO. If the web owner wants, the problems and the issues found after the analysis can be rectified as well.

Design Optimization

Believe it or not, the design of the website also plays an important role in the improvement of its search engine results as well as its popularity. So, SEO services Auckland also analyse the website design and try to rectify any faults that may hamper the benefits gained via several SEO techniques.

Content creation

With improving search engine algorithms, content has become more important than ever. Naturally, content creation is one of the prime concerns of the modern SEO services Auckland. They ensure that all content created for the website is 100% SEO optimised and informative. This will ensure that the search engine crawlers, as well as the visitors, consider the website as relevant, valuable and useful, thus boosting its search rankings over time.

Link building

Another important service that SEO services Auckland offer is link building. Though the importance of link building has been significantly reduced due to changes in search engine algorithms, yet it isn’t totally useless. Naturally, all SEO agencies offer link building services that can help the web owners to gain more visibility online and enhance their web presence. Quality link building can also improve the rankings of the website over time.


Whether you have optimised your website yourself or hired an expert to do it for you, the website needs to be continually monitored so that the improvements can be recorded properly. Not only that, if there are changes in the algorithms, continual monitoring will help find out if the website has been affected or not and what needs to be done to fight the downfall.


All other services set aside, one of the primary jobs of the SEO services Auckland is to implement SEO techniques after the proper analysis of the website so that the website is preferred by the search engine crawlers and easily shown in the search results for the particular niche and targeted keywords. Implementation is the primary service that any SEO agency or expert will provide and you can trust them to be the best at it.


How to naturally heal cracked lips

Hi Sandra, Do you have any natural medicine tips for cracked and split lips that I just can’t get rid of? Thanks, Sarah.

Hi Sarah, thanks for your question. This is a common problem that causes frustration for many people. Sometimes we can experience a temporary situation of cracked or split lips from environmental exposure such as harsh wind or sun, but if it has become a chronic problem that isn’t resolving, this is an indication that you need to look for deeper causes.

If you haven’t already done so, get a comprehensive check-up with your primary healthcare provider to assess for any underlying problems. Deficiencies of iron, zinc and B vitamins such as riboflavin (B2), folate (B9) and biotin are all associated with inflammation of the lips and cracking at the corners of the mouth. Solving the problem can be as simple as correcting the deficiency if this is the underlying cause. Supplementation for a period is likely to be required and a natural healthcare professional can guide you with this.

Check out the website of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists to find a registered natural healthcare specialist in your area.

Over the long term, you should look to be getting your iron, zinc and B-vitamins from food sources to ensure the problem does not recur. You may also want to check if you have sufficient good oils in your diet as dry lips can be a reflection of too much underlying dryness in the body.

Traditional Medicine also points to malabsorption of nutrients from poor digestion as being a potential cause of lip problems. You can support optimal digestion by eating in a calm manner, choosing real food rather than processed alternatives and promoting stomach acid and digestive enzyme production with the use of bitter plant medicines such as Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale) and Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) before your meals. Both of these plants increase the flow of digestive juices, enhance the appetite and support the breakdown of food for better nutrient absorption.

While you work on correcting the underlying issue of chronic lip problems, you can soothe your lips and speed up the healing process with the topical application of vulnerary plants – these are herbs that have a healing action on damaged tissue. Two of the best for cracked and split lips are Calendula (Calendula officinalis) and St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum).

St. John’s Wort flowerheads have proven skin protecting and regenerating properties, and help to repair epithelial damage of skin. Calendula flowers have wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and skin restoring properties. Healing creams and balms made with plant oils and plant extracts are naturally protective and allow the skin to breathe and regenerate unlike mineral oil derivatives such as petroleum or paraffin in conventional creams which may dry up the lips even further. Apply the natural cream or balm to the lips, three to four times daily, until your lips are healed.

I hope this response has provided some further insight for you. If this condition worsens or does not improve, please see your leading healthcare professional.

NZ Herald

Dom ‘Furious’ George: ‘Stalin of the skies’ gets my vote

I have a candidate for Bird of the Year; it’s called the red-vented bulbul. Say it out loud – it sounds great, if not a little dodgy.

We all know the scandal that emerged from last year’s annual Bird of the Year competition – the mighty Kea was robbed by an underhanded campaign from a 16-year-old Kokako sycophant who was at the forefront of a lobby group that heralded the supposed virtues of the bird’s heavenly singing voice.

Fair play to the group, but this year I think the bulbul should be in the running.
The red-vented bulbul is quite an ugly, scrawny little thing that’s been described as an “aggressive pest bird”.

You can listen to Dom and Jane discuss the Red-vented bubul in the audio clip above.

When I first heard that phrase from online producer Hanoi Jane I thought she was referring to my wife.

She assured me she wasn’t, but it got me thinking about the other aggressive pest birds in my life. Most of them have been teachers and most of them were at primary school.

They were the sort of teachers nearly everyone’s had at one point or another; disgruntled, bad-tempered old biddies whose enthusiasm for the profession had shortened at the same rate as their fuse. I could mention the villainous nature of one former principal but to be honest, that person doesn’t deserve to be written about.

Let’s just say she bore a striking resemblance to the cartoon version of Cruella de Vil, although her evil streak was a lot worse than the fictitious character.

Still, the effect was to make the ones who still had the desire to do their job stand out like the proverbial. Case is point for me was Mrs Haynes. To a young set of primary school eyes she looked like she was a hundred years old if she was a day, but she had the ability to pique the interest of her underlings.

As a youngster I was a cricket tragic – an insufferable bore who studied every aspect of the game morning, noon and night. When it came time to write stories I would immaculately produce cricket scorecards of fictitious matches, with impeccably drawn columns for overs, maidens, runs and wickets.

I was under the impression this was fiction writing at its finest; cobbling together cricketing XI’s from around the globe and matching them against each other at the famous venues of the world. Come on, it was the mid-eighties in South Dunedin!

The point is, Mrs Haynes saw where my interest lay and started introducing me to the world of cricket literature. The first book she lent me was Jeremy Coney’s, ‘The Playing Mantis’, quite a weighty tome for a first delve into autobiography, but I read it cover to cover nonetheless.

From there my father started buying me books like the 80s staple, ‘The Crowe Style’, where it showed you the correct footwork for dancing down the wicket!

I digress – in fact I’ve almost derailed. I was talking birds. Bird of the Year… the red-vented bulbul… the aggressive pest bird! Apparently MPI is offering a thousand dollars to any sighting of the bird in Bay of Plenty that leads to a capture.

They want to eradicate the introduced bird that ravages fruit and vege crops and carries out vicious attacks on native New Zealand birds.

They’re described as dark brown/grey coloured, about the size of a starling with a Mohawk-like hairdo and a distinctive crimson-red patch of feathers beneath their tails. Successful eliminations of the bird have been carried out in the past and MPI and DOC are looking to repeat the dose.

It’s thought the latest arrivals are stowaways from Australia or the Pacific Islands; illegal immigrants, as it were. Now they’re being hunted down and killed, with price tags on their heads like they’re outlaws in the Wild West.

I say these belligerent, crop-ravaging pests should be considered candidates for greater recognition. We may not like them, but they’re certainly having an impact. Just as the likes of Hitler, Stalin and George W. Bush have all been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year, this winged pest deserves to be in the conversation for Bird of the Year.

After all, the red-vented bulbul has created headlines, headaches and manhunts; and that seems to befit the times quite nicely.

Source: New Zealand Herald

Prince Charles joins folk dance on European tour amid Brexit

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) ” Britain’s Prince Charles joined in a traditional folk dance Thursday during a visit to Romania, the first stop in a three-nation trip seen as an effort to reassure European Union nations that Britain remains a close ally.

The prince’s nine-day tour is designed to “highlight the U.K.’s relationship with European partners” in areas such as military ties and combating human trafficking, according to his official website.

Britain formally triggered two years of negotiations to leave the EU on Wednesday.

Romania’s ambassador to Britain, Dan Mihalache, said Romanians were concerned about their future status after Britain formally leaves the bloc. He estimated there are up to half a million Romanians living in Britain” many more than the 190,000 officially registered there.

“We don’t have a formula, we have many varieties; that’s what I’ve heard from British officials,” Mihalache said. “Probably during the negotiations, a formula will be defined.”

He said the embassy has advised Romanians to get a resident’s permit and to make sure they were working on a legal contract.

Meanwhile, Charles visited an open air museum in Bucharest that features rural houses from Romania’s different regions. He joined women and girls dressed in embroidered peasant blouses in a traditional jig known as the “hora” and watched craftsmen painting eggs and religious icons on stone and wood.

Charles is enamored of Romania’s rural traditions and owns two properties in the northwest Transylvania region, which he visits every year. He even boasts of sharing common lineage with Vlad the Impaler, the 15th century Romanian prince who was the inspiration for the Dracula character.

The heir to the British throne later visited the Vacaresti wetland park, which was developed from a project initiated by late Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu in 1986 to connect Bucharest to the River Danube, 60 kilometers (40 miles) south of the city.

The project was abandoned after communism ended in 1989.

He also met Patriarch Daniel, who heads the Romanian Orthodox Church to which more than 85 percent of Romanians belong. He earlier met Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

The next stop on Charles tour’ is Italy, where he plans to meet up with his wife, Camilla. After that, the royal couple will head to Austria.